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We are the seed nutrition co. We focus on health through natures most complete source of nutrition.


We began with a team of doctors and scientist who wanted to create a healthier world. They looked to seeds, the foundation of life, as their source of nutrition and inspiration.

When their seed-based products began improving the health of those in critical condition, they realized what they had was powerful and world-changing.

A company was built around this powerful ideal. More products were added (and continue to be added), a scientific advisory board was created, and thousands of men and women came to understand just how deeply seeds can improve your life.

Straight to the Source of Nature.

We are the seed nutrition co. We focus on health through natures most complete source of nutrition.


Since our founding date [11.11.11], we’ve had one goal that’s driven us: provide others with opportunities they would have had otherwise.

We focus on these three areas:

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No-one does health quite like us. Our products are synergistically engineered to improve specific functions of your body. Our ingredients? Cold-pressed oils, straight from seeds. Each seed contains more nutrients per part than anything on the planet, which also means our products contain more benefits per part than anything else. Every time you enjoy our products, you’re giving your body the power to live youthfully, healthily, and powerfully.


We give you the opportunity to help improve the health of others too! As you share, you earn. The more you share, the more you earn. The more you earn, the better your financial life becomes. We’ve had the pleasure of watching hundreds of thousands of Rain Partners find a better way to fund their lives. All through this wonderful opportunity.


We also want to provide an opportunity to those who may not have it otherwise. We understand that the word "opportunity" can mean many different things to many different people. So, we strive to provide a solid foundation that can be built upon. A portion of all of our sales gets to work, supporting our own non-profit foundation Seeds For Change, as well as our partners. From there we choose the best method to give back, influencing the lives of thousands for good.

So, that’s just a little bit about us. We hope you get to know us better by experiencing our products!

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We’re unified family that champions health, provides opportunity, and offers personal, financial freedom. See how Rain can change your life, below.

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The world is a scary place to live. Just ask your body. It goes through a world of complications on a daily basis.

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